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Then-president Sproul assumed presidency of the entire University of California system, and Clark Kerr became the first Chancellor of UC Berkeley.

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Then governor of California Ronald Reagan called the Berkeley campus "...a haven for communist sympathizers, protesters, and sex deviants".

In 1982, the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI) supported by National Science Foundation was founded on Berkeley campus, under the request of three Berkeley mathematicians, Shiing-Shen Chern, Calvin Moore and Isadore M. The institute was later moved to the peak of Berkeley hills.

UC Berkeley's athletic teams date to this time and so are referred to as the California Golden Bears, Cal Bears, or just Cal. Nimitz established the first Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps unit at Berkeley.

Today, the term "University of California" refers to the statewide school system of which UC Berkeley is a part. During World War II, the military increased its presence on campus to recruit more officers, and by 1944, more than 1,000 Berkeley students were enrolled in the V-12 Navy College Training Program and naval training school for diesel engineering.

Ten faculty members and almost 40 students made up the new University of California when it opened in Oakland in 1869.

In 1870, Henry Durant, the founder of the College of California, became the first president.

The institute is now widely regarded as a world leading mathematical center for collaborative research, drawing thousands of visiting researchers from around the world each year.

The original name University of California was frequently shortened to California or Cal.

Founded in 1868, Berkeley is the flagship institution of the ten research universities affiliated with the University of California system and is ranked as one of the world's most prestigious universities and the top public university in the United States.

Established in 1868 as the University of California, resulting from the merger of the private College of California and the public Agricultural, Mining and Mechanical Arts College in Oakland, Berkeley offers approximately 350 undergraduate and graduate degree programs in a wide range of disciplines.

The university discourages referring to the University of California, Berkeley as UCB, University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley is unaffiliated with the Berklee College of Music or Berkeley College. Weyand graduated from UC Berkeley's ROTC program, earning B. The Board of Regents ended compulsory military training at Berkeley in 1962.


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