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I did disable it in Task Manager Startups, but Oracle tries to override that! What firewall are you using.....can't you just block the program from online look-ups.ccleaner with ccenhancer will wipe the current updater problems...forget where it all is ATM.I just killed the Java Update key in the Windows Registry. CAUTION with ccenhancer it had/has foistware or something.I tried the instructions there but damn Oracle insists on putting Java autoupdate back in Startup! I cannot find any way to turn this off in Java Control Panel!

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He has a BSc degree from the University of London (Homepage) and an MSc Information Security with the same university.

Every couple of minutes, I get an alert from Win Patrol this piece of shit wants to put itself in my STARTUP PROGRAMS so it runs ALL THE TIME!

I kept getting Win Patrol alerts so I rebooted the computer. The alerts come so often and throw me to Win Patrol's page off of this page where I am trying to type that this has almost crippled my use of my computer. Surely (fourth Win Patrol alert just now) it can't run as it is disabled now in the Registry and I renamed the file also so no way it can run. Using an older version with the problem bit removed? and as java runs auto, may internally search for it and run it.

Looking for a unique reg entry may not exist, which is why i originally suggested ccenhancer, it usually finds such temp folders I think the problem is a minor Win Patrol bug.

Java is a highly active platform and updates are available quite frequently.

While this is a great thing, frequent updates may annoy users who are not into Java or do not want to have their platform up-to-date.The automatic updates can be disabled through the system configuration as shown next.Albert Attard is a Java passionate and technical lead at a research group. Over the past years Albert worked on various Java projects including traditional server/client applications, modular applications, large data handling applications and concurrent data manipulation applications to name a few. I then checked Win Patrol and it is added back ....disabled. For funsies, I again removed it from Win Patrol Startup program list.That action is supposed to make that program disappear forever from trying to get in the Startup list. I began getting the popups from Win Patrol that itwas adding itself to the Startup list and did I want to allow that? So, I allowed it to be added back again to Win Patrol's Startup list.Oh that can still work, but it's a little bit more complicated than it should be since Sun/Oracle never made the Java control panel UAC aware.


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