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The fracking industry’s wealth has drowned out the voices of everyday Pennsylvanians, who are forced to pick up the industry’s slack.

Wolf to propose a risky plan to borrow more than $1 billion against the state’s liquor revenue.

That could be avoided if legislators who have accepted a fortune in campaign contributions from the gas industry didn’t protect it from shouldering its fair share of the tax burden to run the state.

Those figures don’t even include campaign donations made by gas industry beneficiaries, including pipe layers and utilities. In the last seven years, fracking-friendly legislators have quashed almost 70 attempts to impose a severance tax on natural gas.

Just this week, the House shut down a modest bill bravely put forth by Rep. In June, the Senate passed a severance tax, but when the House took it up after its vacation in September, it predictably killed it.

Boulder, Jack Frost has a great number of ski trails not dedicated to terrain parks.

The left side of the resort, looking up, is filled with black diamonds.

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She has often found herself in the eye of a political storm, but Tory MP Nadine Dorries was typically shrugging off the latest shrill complaints over reports that she is paying her student daughter Philippa £40,000 a year to work as her House of Commons office manager.

Unless something changes, the future of Pennsylvania’s budget problems is clear.


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