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When written well and regularly updated they help everyone from candidates, to employees, to human resources know where they stand.

They create a benchmark for performance reviews and compensation negotiations, they help define the workday for team members and team leaders, and finally, they help to identify gaps in your workforce. Job descriptions aren’t just a list of duties for a given employee, they’re a key document for day-to-day management, compliance, employer brand and recruiting.

Position descriptions may also help you develop recruiting materials, develop orientation and training programs, and ensure consistency and equity among positions.

Each position in your department should have a separate position description that provides details regarding each task of that specific position.

Managers use job descriptions to determine what tasks they can assign to which employees and to crosscheck their expectations with employees’.

Recruiters use job descriptions to write informed and accurate job posts and ads, and to build hiring campaigns based on what the company really needs.

A job description (JD) is a written statement of facts describing the scope, responsibilities and organizational relationships of a job.

It is intended to provide a clear picture of the position’s role within the organization.Schedule a total review of every job description at an interval that makes sense for your organization and that’s within your capabilities — but do schedule one.Spot reviews of roles that have been added or changed is important, but without a total review things will be missed.If the description needs to be adjusted, rewrite it using your job description template and ensure that it’s signed off on by key stakeholders.Position descriptions are important tools that can help you manage employees’ performance and set expectations.Startups might need to review their job descriptions more frequently — luckily for them, they tend to have fewer employees, so the review will go quicker.


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