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Then again, that's just the way it is; Reality sucks!some people speak with shi te in their mouth, how does so- called oprah W. 113Disclaimer: Every Nairaland member is solely responsible for anything that he/she posts or uploads on Nairaland.Now, why would the simple question: How many men would have average 9ja babe would have dated and allowed entry by the age of 25 trigger such furywas expecting something like; Maybe 5 but 2 were allowed entry. simple like rice & plantain I know there are lots of 'Woman' right activist on NL, and its not like any demeaning post would make me flinch, but I read something online and was only curious to know. Nigerian men will always look at women who have had more than 3 sexual partners as a hoe.

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“I’ve had girls that I’ve dated and that I’ve had deep feelings for over the years.

Oprah's Dogs: Oprah loves her dogs and has made them the focus of several of her shows.

I guess people do not understand how rape has an affect on women specially and SOME women often use sex as a way to heal when all they need is a good shoulder to cry on and someone to be there for them emotionally and physically without sex.. To force a grown up woman against her will even if you were married to her, to me, is a crime worth a prison sentence, nonetheless abusing a child sexually.

It's what they feel "safe" they tell you and that includes Oprah herself. Also, i do not think it was as a result of the abuse that she got [email protected]

It's like a movie but people don't actually get the plot. For a girl's that has been around, with lets say 10 guys by age 25, it will be next to impossible to convince her new man that it's during his "tenure in office" that she wants to enact the new law of celibacy. Na me be mugu abi moreover, in our 21st century, most men believe once the hymen is gone, the place requires "oiling" often. Sex 1st in 500level n some who left university as virgin boiz, So moral, we still av decent n not promisciouz youthz around [email protected]: The type of ladies i hang out with gives me an understanding that dating someone does not start only when you are already sleeping with the person or guarantees a chance of doing so. Odd as it may, there are loads and lots of decent people around us and many a girl would rather show you the highway than oppose to handling their virtue to you all in the name of "showing love" or "trying not to lose him".

I stated in my last post that a girl @ 25 with 3 sexual partners is as good as a virgin, while you stated that you've met some with only 1 yet say I'm inexperienced about it. Almost every 1 who's a "stricker" & "top scorer" would have met girls that had given up their hymen to the gullibility of teenage love, some like US would walk away so as not to wreck more havoc, some don't just *** care.

Yes, she was raped by a cousin and she forgave him 25 years later. It's what they feel "safe" they tell you and that includes Oprah herself. There so many Nigerian Ladies dat have dated not more than 3 guys and they are over 25.

That is a long time to hold such anger for a past deed. There might be several flings and quickies here and there no one knows about. Not all Nigerian ladies sleep [email protected]: Even if i were under the influence of cocaine, I'd never include the incidence of her molestation.

The 42 acre estate is named "The Promised Land" and has amazing ocean and mountain views.


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