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The Irish Examiner, formerly The Cork Examiner and then The Examiner, is an Irish national daily newspaper which primarily circulates in the Munster region surrounding its base in Cork, though it is available throughout the country.Its main national rivals are The Irish Times and the Irish Independent.

Relationship dissolution is always stressful, but finding yourself alone at 31 is particularly so.

A break-up can affect almost every aspect of your daily life, from where you live, to what you do in your free time, to the even bigger questions.

Those are great qualities to have for yourself and to bring to your next relationship.

The newly single always stress about making the wrong call when it comes to picking a new partner, but trust your instincts.

I feel like I don’t really know anything about sex apart from my one boyfriend.

I don’t even know how many dates you should go on before you have sex. No matter how mutual the decision was, coming out of a 16-year relationship is extremely difficult and since you were only 15 when it started, your entire adult identity has been formed within the confines of that relationship.

“Once they had composed themselves after surveying the scene in front of them, they set to work removing my date from the window using all of their special firemen hammers and tools.”And while the woman was rescued, the window had to be destroyed in the process – that’s where Go Fund Me comes in.“I’m not complaining, they did what they had to do,” wrote our narrator of the firemen.

“Problem is, I’ve been quoted north of £300 to replace the window.

The newspaper was based at Academy Street, Cork for over a century, before moving to new offices at Lapp's Quay, Cork in early November 2006.

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