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I doubt it is out of charity, or fear, although elements within Iran that do not want a war with the United States seem to be gaining political strength. What if the Iranians had determined, rightly or wrongly (and I suspect rightly), that the Bush administration has already decided to attack Iran before the end of its term? First, try to maneuver the Americans into the worst possible position on the moral level by denying them pretexts for an attack.

Telling their allied Shiite militias in Iraq to cool it would be part of that, as would reducing the flow of Iranian arms to Iraqi insurgents and improving cooperation with the international community on the nuclear issue.

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The project includes the entire Emirate of Dubai and covers every type of buildings right from Warehouses to high rise buildings.

Project will be using state of the art technology (M2M) to automatically send alarm signals in case of emergency.

Accordingly the property can consider in a Category at the sole discretion of Dubai Civil Defence.

Civil Defence is primarily organised on voluntary basis except for a small nucleus of paid staff and establishment which is augmented during emergencies. Although the Civil Defence Act 1968 is applicable throughout the country, the organisation is only raised in such areas and zones which are tactically and strategically considered vulnerable from enemy attack points of view.

This includes for example the assistance to the administration in relief and rescue work during natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, cyclones and droughts by the State Government/Union Territories.

Civil Defence training is conducted in the country on a three tier concept, i.e., local/town level, at state level and at National level.We see evidence of the latter two actions as well as the first.Second, they would tell their allies in Iraq to keep their powder dry.And a suitability evaluation index system for this purpose is established by adopting the method of analytic hierarchy process (AHP).A frame of public use planning of civil air defense works is formed by summarizing the use planning principles of public service and determining the public use planning procedure.Again, I cannot say this is what lies behind the Mahdi Army's stand-down; Zeppelin reconnaissance over Iran has been inconclusive.


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