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Btrfs is a copy-on-write (Co W) general purpose file system.Based on the Co W functionality, btrfs provides snapshoting.

The GPL requires SUSE to provide the source code that corresponds to the GPL-licensed material. Also, for up to three years after distribution of the SUSE product, upon request, Novell will mail a copy of the source code.

Requests should be sent by e-mail to mailto:[email protected] as otherwise instructed at

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is optimized to run as a high performing guest on leading hypervisors and supports an unlimited number of virtual machines per physical system with a single subscription, making it the perfect guest operating system for virtual computing.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is backed by award-winning support from SUSE, an established technology leader with a proven history of delivering enterprise-quality support services.

Long Term Service Pack Support (LTSS) for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 Service Pack 2 is available as a separate add-on. These Release Notes are identical across all architectures, and the most recent version is always available online at

Some entries are listed twice, if they are important and belong to more than one section.

Beyond that data and metadata checksums improve the reliability of the file system.

btrfs is highly scalable, but also supports online shrinking to adopt to real-life environments.

Note that this does not free the subscription that the system may have consumed in the Customer Center.


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