Javascript validating username and password with database

In the last we used an ID for button and we applied CSS styles on it.

javascript validating username and password with database-34

Now it’s time to use CSS style on the webpage to create some attraction. But the good thing is that which matches to this page.

For this we will use many CSS Styles, so I think the better way is use an external file and link it to the webpage. Listing 3: We used three ids in the external CSS style webpage.

Figure 2: Output of the Sign-in Webpage with updated size of fieldset tag As you can see in the Listing 1 and 2 we used such a good Html tags to design a simple log-in form. The functionality of type password is to don’t show the text what we will enter in the password box. And when we are dealing with our ID and Password, so we should be alert from the hackers.

We used legend tag with fieldset tag to use texts on the upper side of the form. Instead of password texts or characters it will show bold dots like ? Because the GET is being used in Phishing webpages, by which people are making fool the internet users to get their personal ID and Password.

And also sometimes we saw CAPTCHA which is used to identify the user on the webpage during the wrong entries of the Sign-In webpage.

There is also an easy method to put CAPTCHA on a webpage.Enhancements and fixes Security Fixes A function level access control vulnerability resulted in unauthorized permission to edit Password Manager Pro's pre-defined password policies (Strong/Medium/Low/Offline Password Fil).In addition, the vulnerability also allowed the deletion of the password policy that has been set as default. Super-Administrator as 'Break Glass Account' Provision to keep the super-administrator role as a break-glass account for emergency access to passwords.But the easiest way is to use Inline Style in this kind of situations to handle them.And we should commonly find easiest ways to get rid from the problems. And there is one new thing as type that is password. POST is commonly being used for these kind of webpages, due to its security.Security fix: New feature IIS Web.config discovery Password Manager Pro can now identify the domain accounts which are used in the connection string of IIS web.config files that are stored in PMP.


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