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Tracy is the daughter of Ray Langton (Neville Buswell) and Deirdre Barlow (Anne Kirkbride).

Early storylines featuring Tracy concentrated on her childhood.

She went on to feature in storylines about drugs, various family crises, relationships with Roy Cropper (David Neilson) and Steve Mc Donald (Simon Gregson), a feud with Steve's wife Karen Mc Donald (Suranne Jones), and a short-lived marriage to Robert Preston (Julian Kay).

Caught between two warring parents, Tracy starts to rebel by playing truant from school, going instead to the amusement arcade with Steve (Simon Gregson) and Andy Mc Donald (Nicholas Cochrane).

The year also sees Tracy get her first boyfriend, Graham Egerton (Paul Aspden), but it does not last long and they end their relationship.

Kate Ford took over the role from 25 December 2002, until 8 April 2007.

Ford reprised the role for a brief stint in May 2010, before returning full-time from 24 December 2010 onwards.

The wedding is a success and the Prestons return to London.

Tracy visits Weatherfield three times over the next few years: she comes to Deirdre and Jon Lindsay's (Owen Aaronovitch) engagement party in 1997 and approves of airline pilot Jon (who is really a confidence man), and then two years later, seeks refuge in Weatherfield after falling out with Robert, who accused Tracy of having an affair with her friend Dan after he saw them kissing.

Robert follows Tracy to Weatherfield and they reconcile when he accepts her story that she and Dan are just friends.

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