Albanian dating traditions

The groom is also required to give the bride's family money as a dowry payment and is expected to give the bride special gifts like clothing and jewelry.

The wedding day is a memorable day in almost every culture.

But for centuries it has had a special place in Albanians life.

There are some core events that compose the whole Wedding party.

Weddings last one week Traditional Albanian weddings are rather epic – they begin seven days before the ceremony.

Honey and Bread At the door of the house, there stands the mother-in-law singing and waiting for the bride to give her honey and bread to eat.

This is done wishing that their relationship is going to be sweet as the honey.

This tradition symbolizes that the bride's marriage will as sweet as honey.

On the day of the wedding the best man will bring the bride her shoes and it is tradition that they be filled with rice and candied almonds.

The dowry is not money but contains presents to all the grooms relatives, different types of embroidery, pillows, blankets, carpets, even bedroom furnitures. The firs groom maid is his uncle, but the group is really big usually consisting of more than 10 people, singing and dancing. The main car is that of the new couple, and next to this comes a car, which holds the Albanian Flag.

After the groom and his relatives arrive at brides home, they take her with them. Usually bride and her family cry altogether because the bride is leaving her fathers house to go to a new one.

Whereas the grooms wedding ceremony, one day after, on Thursday or on Sunday.


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