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Over 800,000 young people are studying law, even though the number of practicing lawyers ranges in Russia between 55,000 and 60,000.Paradoxically, there are a lack of skilled lawyers in the Russian market, despite the huge number of law school graduates, and despite the fact that the law boom is propelled by a desire to correspond to global standards, something which is vital in order for Russia to become a full-fledged player on the global market.

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An employment agency that offers a law recruitment service can help place new entrants or experienced professionals into jobs within the Government Legal Services, Crown Prosecution Service and public / private law firms.

Arkady Smolin, RAPSI For the second time in the past 150 years, Russia has more lawyers than it needs.

The latter contributes more than 50% to the sector's total worth, with London being home to around 45% of these jobs.

Other staff include Legal Secretaries, Law Executives, Practice Managers and Litigation Support.

There are plans to allocate at least 300 million rubles ($9.7 million) from the budget to finance the training of lawyers, especially international lawyers who can work at the WTO headquarters.

Legal market outlook Gleb Lebedev, Market Research Manager at Headhunter Group, spoke with RIA Novosti about the current market trends for law school students and graduates.

More than 500K people across the country are employed in law jobs and this includes Solicitors, Paralegals, Lawyers and Barristers.

Due to the high work rate, perseverance, and communication skills needed, recruitment agencies are a common resource for firms looking to make new hires.

Qualifications are typically needed to enter the sector as is a two year training contract.

This two year period within a firm is compulsory for graduates looking to become a solicitor, however they must have completed a Legal Practice Course (LPC) before applying for a placement.

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