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You have to love any band that uses such explicit bondage imagery in their videos. Welcome back to GIMPTV, all music and all bondage all the time. is a reseller and pretty much the main place that all my sales come from.

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Anyway, film buffs in other genres love historical information, so why can't we?

Greetings: The days of the HOM features are hard to beat...

Jane - that's good news on "Inquisition" and will be on the lookout for their return - thanks.

Sardu and Jack Tripper - thanks for those vids - must admit my new favorite band will be Ghoultown - a Goth/Punk/Western band with a better bondage video than half the producers out there today.

Shocker: Sorry to hear about your difficulties attempting to make your first bondage film. Next up on the playlist is a fun little claymation piece involving cannibalism and a naked bound and gagged victim. Hello, Here is some clarifications and such about my site, sales, etc. Because the evil credit card companies want to censor what you can purchase, nicheclips was established 6 years or so to help our "necro-fetish" community survive by creating a pre-funded payment system.

Unfortunately, you're just getting a small taste of the hardships that today's bondage producers face every day. (See link above.) It's fun in a cheesy and fake way (bad acting, no whip marks, no sweat). It has had years to become well established so many folks that are my regular customers are used to the initial delay of setting up an account and sending in a payment by Pony Express, er, I mean USPS.Shocker - Welcome to the wonderful world of BDSM filmmaking, where you will be persecuted, dropped at a moments notice by your payment provider, web-host or anything else you depend on for financial stability.Still, I would rather be infamous than famous any day of the week. All of these Tourist Trap photos forced me to go back and take a look at Sloth's review.Once you have access to my main website, you can search through the 330 so movies I have by actress and key words. This is because I save the money I would have paid to Nicheclips.However, it is much more work for me, so the savings and promotions will vary from month to month. And I agree that the song in Sardu's music vid is much better and also agree in that the singer is pretty cute.Please, never post the access link on an open forum.


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