Dating your high school sweetheart college

Here’s some advice on what you can expect when it comes to high school relationships in college. There are so many new experiences and interesting people that you’ll become a completely different person.You’ll get to try new things like buying groceries and living with a roommate, and all of the “new” you encounter will shape you into your adult self. While many brave teens may have popped the question before graduation, the new trend these days seems to be adults reconnecting with their high school exes over social media and tying the knot!

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By Heather Fishel Everyone remembers Cory and Topanga from "Boy Meets World".

Their relationship was the perfect picture of high school sweethearts who stuck together no matter what.

College is where you’ll meet hundreds of new people, and chances are at least one of those strangers will catch your eye at some point.

As pointed out in our "7 Surprising College Dating Statistics" article, 63 percent of women hope to meet their husband in college.

One of the most common reasons high school couples fear attending different colleges is distance.

But don’t assume attending the same school is the key to your relationship.

As you grow, the two of you will sometimes come to have less in common.

You may feel like you missed out because you were tied to the relationship.

Think about the following facts if you’re set on sticking together.

In reality, only about 14 percent of couples meet their mate in school (and that includes high school, college, and grad school.) Just a small percentage of high school sweethearts end up sticking it out until marriage – and high school sweethearts have the highest divorce rate.

Think about this instead: if a long-distance couple can survive the first year apart, there’s only an 8 percent chance they’ll break up in the future.

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