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A condo hotel is a convenient, upscale vacation home with luxurious accommodations and amenities.

The Lake Buena Vista Resort Village & Spa has been certified as a Disney "Good Neighbor" hotel.

The goal for this program is for Disney to give its stamp of approval for hotels close to Disney that meet these high standards.

(3) What have been China’s policy responses to that global order?

In particular, is China involved in either internal or external balancing against, or bandwagoning with, the US hegemon?

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Owners have the option of placing their condo in the rental program.

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※ The conceptual framework that Beijing’s leaders brought to bear on the analysis of international affairs involved a focus on the rise and fall of hegemonic powers, powers that were willing to use their resources to achieve global domination and to constrain the actions of others. China could try to use its newly formed bilateral and multilateral relationships to offset any serious deterioration in relations with America. China has tried to modernize their military capability. China has embarked on modernization of its nuclear weapons programme. China supported the United Nations in terms of international law and multilateral negotiation and cooperation to democratize and constrain US hegemonic behavior.

Condominium hotels are a new trend in second home ownership.

(4) What would China see as an alternative, fairer, global order?


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