Jiyong and dara seen dating

I first saw this article here and I credit zerohundred for the blog post. We all know how GD and TOP has had girlfriends in the past, and their fans all kept quiet about it cause they want to protect their idols. I think they already know who she is if they read the clues on that entry correctly. GD’s fans) are protecting his secret but I don’t think it’s a secret GD wants to keep just amongst them. He never wanted to be an idol in the first place, he wanted to be an artist. Ps have been keeping Big Bang’s relationship statuses for years now. At that time, the words he posted for her became the most searched on Naver.

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I’d also like to know what people reason for this -zerohundred Mangotangoshake, yes Dara’s cyworld had been deleted. Zerohundred, I’m glad you are very open minded about this. One on line news even headlined that the two were performing so comfortably with each other that they were like real lovers. look at the letter B the straight line curves to form an S and the letter f’s hook forms a P.

But applers have SC’s of GD’s messages on her cyworld. There are a lot of reasons why applers believe the mystery girl is Dara. At first, I thought it was just because of their strong stage presence until I started scrutinizing the press photos. This time look at the screen and watch how the butterfly title comes out.

GD himself suggested it in one of his interviews: to read the lyrics of his songs to better understand him without having to know him personally.

I wondered why he suggested it…perhaps because the clues are in there. i dunno but i think something’s up between the two.

Watch the video of Wonder Bang here and Hello here.

I’m sure you know now there’s a huge difference with those performance. You must want some justifications about her replies right? The hints: 3-lettered name if we take this literally it would mean 3 letters.

He wrote about it in “Until Whenever” and “Look Only At Me Part 2″.

“Until Whenever” was a hidden track in their Global Warning Live Concert Album and “Look Only At Me Part 2″ was a digital single.

About the “I love you” phrase he mentioned in Heaven: Dara, I’ve noticed, likes to say and teach that Filipino language phrase to everyone (even gotten Lee Minho to say it)!


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