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Kelleher International understands the factors that come together to define a great match.Since our founding in 1986, we have been one of the most successful matchmaking firms in the world.

The Registration Information Office will re-open, Monday, February 12 …To furnish manpower to the Defense Department during a national emergency, to manage alternative service for men classified as conscientious objectors, and to register, with only a few exceptions, all male U. citizens and male immigrants residing in the United States who are ages 18 through 25...” Should the Federal Government shut down, the gov website will still be available.

Individuals will be able to register with the Selective Service System as required by law.

As an SEI Club gentleman member you’ll appreciate that all SEI Club women members are beautiful, intelligent, friendly, cheerful, and at a happy, positive place in their lives.

A point at which they can deeply appreciate and enjoy the right gentleman when they find him.

And as an SEI Club woman member you’ll adore how SEI Club gentlemen are intelligent, accomplished, charming, and strong (mentally, emotionally, physically etc).

They are often the only kind of gentlemen whom you’d like to meet, date, and potentially form a relationship…the sort of gentlemen of which you’ve only dreamed…until now.They don’t take the time to screen those who are not interested in long-term relationships.As a result, you can spend hours, days and sometimes months corresponding with random singles with zero guarantee of a connection.Our professional matchmakers go to great lengths to select the most compatible matches and then work to schedule introductions that are convenient for both parties, all courtesy of our selective search process.Selective dating is difficult to find with most dating services. It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s the Law.5CONTACT: Need assistance?

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