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tell everything to, know better than anyone, prefer over everyone, have the most fun with), but I totally get that not everyone feels that way. Do you think she’d call Big her best friend, even after they were married? Her best friend is obviously still Miranda.”Miranda forever!!!!!Okay, back to the original question I sought out to answer: “What’s with literally everyone claiming their romantic partner is also their best friend these days” has landed me in murky territory. I also think there’s a pop culture-induced trickle-down effect in which celebrities manufacture a certain persona for themselves and their relationships in magazine interviews and say things that sound nice, i.e.

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I think the issue is complicated by a number of factors that vary from person to person, the most important of which are: 1. “I’m dating my best friend,” which has become synonymous with “this person makes me really happy and I love spending time with him/her.”What do you think, though?

Is it important for your romantic partner to also be your best friend?

I couldn’t argue with that [laughs].”She said that changed when they started talking about getting engaged, however:“Now we both call each other ‘best friend,’ but I also think I define best friend differently now, having gone through that transition in our relationship.

I used to think my best friends were girlfriends who I could call at anytime and tell all my secrets, but now it’s him because not only can I tell him my secrets, but he’s also bound to me — or will be in a matter of months — and there’s a deeper level of comfort and trust that comes with that, when you’re being vulnerable with someone.

In the end, you will need to communicate with each other and define what your relationship really is.

Even though it may hurt him, if you don’t have the feelings for him that he has for you, knowing the truth is always better than not.I define a best friend as someone who can empathize (i.e.personally share the same feelings) with most my vulnerable experiences as a person living in this world, and for that I’ve found my girlfriends to be much better qualified, at least as of now.So whoever brings up the subject has put themselves in somewhat of a vulnerable position.Yet, good friendships can endure these trying times. Let the relationship grow, and when you feel like you’re ready, I’d encourage you to find a time when the two of you are alone, and try bringing up the topic.I think getting engaged pushes you to get to that point with someone, because you’re like, I asked another friend, Lina, who’s in a much newer relationship, how she felt the “dating my best friend” trope, and she made an interesting distinction about dating your best friend versus marrying your best friend:“When people claim to be dating their best friend but they’ve only been dating for a few months, it ends up sounding cheap because it’s like…okay…we’ll see!

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