Maskedtextbox validatingtype

, and its use is very well documented, I found it slightly more difficult to implement it using a custom type.

Since most of the information I was able to find on the web was either discussing the former or problems implementing the latter, I decided to give it a go and share my findings.

As this struct represents a latitude, you need three fields (degrees (°), minutes (‘) and seconds (“)).

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The property for example deserves an explanation as its value will determine how we have to implement other parts of the code. The prompt character () is the character which represents absence of user input in the string.

It determines weather the prompt character and/or literals are included in the formatted string. If it is included it will appear as part of the Masked Text Box.

Nevertheless this can be done in other parts in the code, namely the Parse function which I will cover later in this tutorial. Here it becomes apparent, that Masked Text Boxes are primarily made for strings of a fixed length. Though it is possible to use the mask symbol “9″ to denote an optional digit we will run into troubles when formatting a string with a minus sign at the first location (where we used the mask symbol “#”).

Therefore I decided to force the user to fill in the whole string using leading zeroes if applicable.

This is done in some other part of the code, namely the Parse method of the Longitude class, and covered later in this tutorial. To do so, again, add a new class to your project and call it “Longitude Masked Text Box.cs”.

For a more in depth look at all those masking elements have a look at MSDNs Masked Text Box. Delete the references you wont need and inherit is initialized outside of the constructor so that other parts of the class will have access to it as well – which is needed later on.Those three ’0′s tell the mask to accept three (required) digital numbers.The next mask symbol is a “°” which does not denote anything and therefore is used as literal, that is it appears as itself.In a private project of mine I needed to provide some means of input for a latitude/longitude object.Instead of using three different textboxes to hold the three values those are composed off (degrees, minutes and seconds), I thought it would be neat to have one single textbox, nicely formatted, to hold the input.After we set those properties we might need to set some other, more general properties of the (the character that represents absense of user input) and the behaviour of the text insertion mode (i.e. I am not going into detail, feel free to have a look at Microsofts documentation and/or play around with those properties to get a feeling for what they do.


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