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It is a subjective clinical determination based on careful history and exclusion of medical illness that presents with similar symptoms.

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You won’t find brain fog recognized as a bona-fide illness in many medical or psychological writings.

The reason is simple – physicians are not taught of its significance in medical school.

Though symptoms can vary from one person to another, most often sufferers complain of: Lack of mental clarity Mild memory loss Mental confusion Difficulty performing simple tasks like arithmetic or remembering telephone numbers Dizziness Your doctor may have a hard time getting to the bottom of your complaints and the constellation of symptoms can fit many ailments like dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, or mental illness.

There is no objective laboratory test to measure brain fog.

Most don’t take it seriously and consider it part of life or the aging process.

It is considered more of a nuisance among conventional health practitioners.

Brain fog can persist for a long time, lasting months or years.

What makes this condition perplexing is that the fogginess can come and go.

This under-education leads to tremendous confusion among the public and professionals alike between various memory loss conditions and their differentiation.


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