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These days, Copenhagen is leaning toward a food scene that's more like the Danes themselves, relaxed and approachable and certainly sans Michelin stars and white tablecloths.

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Housed in two airy glass-and-steel buildings, Torvehallerne is made up of more than 60 stalls and eateries, selling everything from tea to flowers to paleo meals.

Outside the market's two main buildings, temporary vendors set up camp, where they sell produce, meat and glasses of wine, to be enjoyed like the locals at one of the alfresco picnic tables.

The first thing that strikes you is the pulsing music that reaches your ears and vibrates up your legs as you pedal to this industrial waterfront location.

Danes spill out of the massive warehouse that holds Copenhagen’s Street Food’s stalls and onto the cobbled banks, clutching their food.

Joann Pai is a food & travel photographer who splits her time between Vancouver and Paris.

A combination of prolific travel and international influences has shaped her distinctive visual style. If you liked this story, you'll probably like our newsletter too!

The spaces are rented weekly, which means products vary greatly throughout the season, so there’s always something new to try.

We coasted through the vibrant tents and stalls on a sunny Saturday.

Using photography as a way to document life's intimate moments around the table, Joann continues to explore how food brings people together and keeps them connected.


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