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For example, there we were having a lovely snuggle on my return home from work and the little cutie just couldn’t handle his picture being taken. So I have received this question and concern SOOOOO many times, I figured it was about time I addressed this concern.

Names…yes…names, it took 2 days and a lot if randomly shouting a name before I called her The name was because of her colouring, she is such a friendly little munchkin and as silly as it sounds…now, I would be lost without my little Cookie Monster.

So far she has cracked a leg, it healed awkwardly but she has never been in pain and has never stopped being a spider hamster and then falling on her face J she has been seriously ill in the heat, she never makes noise yet she was crying uncontrollably. Name: Cookie , Age: unknown , Colour: a mix of black, white, grey and tiny pink nose and toes.

These ‘moles’ on your hamsters sides are They often aren’t covered by fur and can become more apparent as your hamster gets older and their fur thins out anyway.

On Banjo they aren’t too obvious but take a look at the picture below.

We can have a little tribute xxxx Tags: animal death, animal love, death of a pet, hamster, hamster blog, hamster death, hamster died, heart break pet, how to deal with a dead pet, how to deal with a hamster death, how to deal with a pet death, my hamster has died, pet blog, pet died, pet tribute, pets, what to do when your hamster dies I often moan about how difficult it is to get a focused photo of Banjo.

He is the biggest fidget on the planet and makes it impossible to get a good snap.

I took a closer look as I was a bit worried, unfortunately it was blood. I chose antibiotics because if in the time of her having it, it got worse, she would go straight back.

But right now it seems to be clearing, each day the red colour is less and less – yaayyyyy!

But this doesn’t mean your world should crumble and end.

You just have to start a new chapter as difficult as it seems.

Tags: antibiotics for hamsters, blood hamster, blood on my hamster, bloody bum hamster, hamster, hamster advice, hamster blog, hamster has a bloody bum, hamster health, infection in hamsters, pet blog, pets, UTI in hamsters, what could blood on my hamsters bum mean, womb infection in hamsters times So, Cookie was given to me by an old family friend. She was left behind and we are unsure how long she was by herself. I went out and bought her everything she would need, I spoilt her rotten, it was awesome……and expensive!!


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