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Previously, live webcams transmitted static shots from cameras aimed through windows or at coffee pots.

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Ringley owned several ferrets and Modern Ferret featured Jenni and one of her pets on the front cover.

As an actress, she was cast in "Rear Windows '98," a 1998 episode of the TV series Diagnosis Murder, portraying Joannecam, a fictionalized version of herself.

Ringley worked for a web developer after a brief stint as a case worker for a social services agency in Sacramento.

Out of the public eye, she stated, "I really am enjoying my privacy now.

She claimed that the experience improved her self-image and self body image.

Ringley began to take trips to visit other cam girls, including Ana Voog of Her site was doing well as she stayed home and claimed her profession to be a "web designer" for her site.As Ringley attracted a following both on and off the Internet, more than 100 media outlets from The Wall Street Journal to Modern Ferret ran features.People visiting the previously non-existent found a pornographic site with the greeting, "Thanks Dave".She also appeared on The Today Show, and World News Tonight With Peter Jennings.Anyone with Internet access could observe the often mundane events of Ringley's life at first, though a few months after its start Ringley started charging viewers for full entry to her site.

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