Wtmp not updating

If they're not there, find whoever setup the bollocks rotation scheme and give them a solid foot-punch to the pantaloons.

I thought it might be worth sharing the outcome of some troubleshooting of some ESXi 5 servers running off SD cards, in case anyone else encounters similar issues.

Log Location:/var/log/btmp To rotate the btmp log add the below to the file located in the /etc directory.

You can change the amount of archived files you keep by modifying the number after rotate.

They hope these examples will help you to get a better understanding of the Linux system and that you feel encouraged to try out things on your own.

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If you want to read the list of failed login attempts to look for patterns to help make your server more secure then use the command below.

How to Read btmp Log: As you can see the address is running some type of brute force against this server in an attempt to gain access.Make sure that the “create 0600 root utmp” statement is in this configuration as the btmp file can be used by crackers to gain access to your server.One of the more common mistakes when logging into a server is typing the password instead of the username so crackers could possibly gain access by reading the btmp log file.However, ESXi 5 moved the goalposts, with USB or SD storage no longer suitable for persistent storage: hosts without local storage now mount a 32Mb Ram Disk to mount the scratch partition to.After upgrading to ESXi 5 we saw several instances of host instability as the Ramdisk ram out of space, symptoms including :- The VMs themselves continued to run on the host, just not able to manage the host properly.Check this file to find out whether your hardware has been correctly initialized or all services have been started successfully.

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