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That's the definition of playing emotional games with someone. The more we all continue to play games with each other, the more the whole process becomes inundated with confusion and heartache.

Plus, it makes everyone's "role" in the dating world a lot murkier.

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"Especially with our cell phones being glued to us even at the gym...

it makes me wonder how people can be too busy to call someone even for just a hookup!

In an ideal world, if someone wasn't into you, they'd be able to communicate that clearly and in a non-painful way, but alas, that's not always how it goes down.

Open, honest communication is easier said than done for a lot of people, particularly if it's a situation in which you're not No matter your relationship status, I think we can all agree: Breadcrumbing has got to go.

(yes, there’s a journal for everything these days) found that people who prefer the taste of bitter foods — dark chocolate, coffee, IPAs, etc.

— also tend to exhibit more antisocial personality traits than their cream and sugar-loving friends. In the study, conducted at the University of Innsbruck in Austria, 500 participants (paid sixty cents each!Which means that we’ll just have to be satisfied with judging our dates based on the beer they order.And if you’re going out and want to hide your crazy, maybe get a mai tai or something."Can you be 'coy' or 'flirtatious' if it's only by text every 10 days or so? "It takes the fun out of it, but now we have no idea who is supposed to flirt, who is supposed to ask someone out, who is supposed to do what."Communication is key.Breadcrumbing is yet another example of poor communication habits in dating, and let me tell you, I've about had enough. how difficult it has gotten for people to make a simple phone call to someone they are interested in," Safran says.Why do people with “dark personalities” gravitate toward bitter-tasting foods and drinks?

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