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The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of a 10-week group intervention for adolescents who were exposed to domestic violence in their home, and compare behavioral and emotional symptoms between adolescents with direct or indirect exposure to domestic violence.Participants of the group intervention (N = 32) reported an increase in knowledge of domestic violence based on quiz scores of pre- and post-tests.

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Submit a request for a Proclamation to your local elected officials.

See our sample proclamation (printer-friendly/pdf). Portions of it can be read aloud on the PA system or during the morning program. School officials can also use it as a template to issue their own proclamation.

Advocates provide time with each child to concentrate on the development of self esteem, creative conflict resolution techniques, and validation of feelings.

We network with law enforcement, social services, child protection, mental health agencies, community action programs, states’ attorneys and other programs.

Price, newly appointed executive director of the IRIS Domestic Violence Center, said the bills “reflect the current reality that sexual abuse and domestic violence often occurs between individuals outside of a traditional family household or marriage.

The abuse and violence often occurs where the individuals are in a dating relationship and is often between former spouses or relationship partners.”The bills seek to fix issues in the law that have hindered Louisiana’s domestic violence response for years.

HB 27 changes the definition of “household member” in Louisiana’s domestic abuse criminal statutes to include cohabiting couples of the same sex.

Louisiana is one of only two states whose current law explicitly excludes LGBT victims from these protections.“These changes have been a long time coming,” said Mariah Wineski, Interim Executive Director at LCADV.

The study also discusses limitations related to internal and external validity threats and suggestions for future replication of the group intervention toward adolescents who were exposed to domestic violence and the related program evaluation.

work one-on one with clients providing moral support, assistance with finding affordable housing and suitable employment, public assistance, transportation and accompaniment when seeking medical attention, legal or court services, public education and community outreach.

HB 223 extends the majority of existing domestic violence protections to dating partners.

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