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-Performanță îmbunătățită reduce semnificativ crash-urile -Atack Speed imbunatatit.-Bugurile de la GUI fixate -Multe, multe schimbari mici Bufixxes (nu toate enumerabile) - Default settings can be saved / loaded - New functions added: snow, day/night - Improved stability while botting - Fixxed Access Violation at Attack Thread - Fixxed Graphical Access Bugs on Anti-Ban Tab - Cleaned interface up on General Tab - Added new maps in the maps folder - Added Always on top option - Fixxed translation issues - Changed Donate-EXP Icon - Fixxed bug with saving listboxes - Standart Einstellungen speichern/laden - Neue Funktionen: Schnee, Tag/Nacht - Stabilität beim Botten verbessert - Zugriffsfehler beim Auto Attack gefixt - Grafische Bugs bei "Anti-Ban" Tab gefixt - Allgemein Tab aufgeräumt - Neue Maps hinzugefügt - Immer Im Vordergrund Funktion hinzugefügt - Übersetzungs Fehler ausgebessert - Exp Spenden Icon geändert - Listboxen speichern bug gefixt - Setarile implicite pot fi salvate / încarcate - Funcții noi adaugate: zăpadă, zi / noapte - Stabilitate îmbunătățită în timpul BOT-ingului.Bump: Is there really some issue with the X-Trap patch server?

updating xtrap-12

- Walk On Click (Tıkladığın yere git) Bugları Giderildi: Bkz: Kırmızı 1.köyden mavi 1.köye giderken buga gitme sorunu çözüldü) 0.

- Artık Otomatik olarak metin2'nin kurulu olduğu Game Forge Live dizini tanınacak. Happy bottings / İyi hileler Download / İndirme @m2Bugfix Update[] - Fixate unele bug-uri cu cartile competentelor si alte iteme din searchbot .

- Fixat Walk On Click (Mergi La Click) buguri din pozitii ciudate .

- Adaugat cale de detectare automate pentru Gameforge Live directorul de instalare Metin2 . - Updated M2Bob for the latest Metin2 Version - Complete rewrite of the login to get it working again - Removed "Settingup M2Bob" state at first start - M2and the file are now compressed in one file - Improved M2Bob Launcher loading performance - This version is free to use until the homnepage works again..can enter ANY logindata and it will work - Fixed Attackspeed kicking players - Fixed Shopbot not selling items - Fixed bugs with translation - Fixed not logging in bug - Update for website online again - Updated method for looking through other players and detect them - Improved Serverlist dumping process - Fixed bugs with login not logging in again - Bot starts now a bit faster - Minur GUI Fixed - Added "Show cheap items" in Shopbot mode - Fixed Attackspeed causing Kicks on official Servers - You can now use One Hit and Singlehand without Attackspeed - Changed Metin2 starting process (not visible for user) - Fixed tons of bugs which I dont remember all - Updated for newest Metin2 Client Version - Fixed PN-Detector - Added multiple Standartsettings - Bot attacks now nearst metins in Levelbot if multiple are there - Fixed tons of bugs which I dont remember all Hallo Leute, heute mal wieder einige News zum M2Bob: Noch heute kommt eine neue M2Bob-Version raus, welche einen neuen Botmode, den Spambot enthält, dieser kann sowohl in den Chat spammen, als auch die Leute per PN in der Umgebung anschreiben.

- Acces Violation Fixat - Bugurile din tabul Anti-ban Fixate -Interfata mai ordonata in tabul General - Harti noi adaugate in folderul Maps - Optiunea "Mereu pe ecran"(always on top) adaugata - Problemele de traducere fixate - Iconita Doneaza-EXP schimbata.

- Bugurile legate de salvarea lis Finally, after long and much work we managed to fix M2BOB on Windows XP and it works now 100% perfect.Alle können mit ihrem alten Account noch 2 Tage botten wenn sie kein Premium hatten und wenn man Premium hatte kann man seinen Key für 25/ 45/ 65 Tage einlösen im Key-Lager Die, die noch keinen Account hatten, müssen sich auf m2registrieren Changelog: - Sellscript 100% fixxed - Launcherdesign komplett umgestaltet - Grafikbugs fixxed The new update 2.0 which renders M2BOB unfree is The new homepage is from now on m2bob.net! Toata lumea poate folosi contul vechi pentru botting in urmatoarele 2 zile daca nu a avut premium inainte, în cazul in care ati avut premium inainte va puteti rascumpara 40/80/115 zile din "Depozit-Key" Cine nu are un cont m2bob,poate sa-si faca aici Script vanzare fixat100% - Launcher-design complet reproiectat - Buguri grafice fixate This update was a bit hard, we needed to test many things to get the bot working again But it was successful, the bot works now on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 ! site=enter#page2 Changelog: - Update auf Metin2-Clientversion 13.1 - Komplette Ordnerstruktur überarbeitet (daher können hier alte Einstellungen NICHT übernommen werden!Everybody can use his/her old account for botting the next 2 days if it wasnt premium and if it was premium he can redeem his Key for 25/ 45/ 65 days in the Key-storage:) Those who still had no account must register on m2Changelog: - Sell script fixxed 100% - Launcher-design completely redesigned - Fixxed graphical bugs Yeni sürüm cikti (sürüm 2.0) ve M2Bob ücretli oldu. ) - Performance stark verbessert Crashs verringert - Richtiges Auto-EQ hinzugefügt, welches das EQ automatisch anzieht wenn man besseres im Inventar hat - Attackspeed verbessert - Bugfixxes an dem GUI - Sehr, sehr viele kleinen Bufixxes Änderungen(hier nicht alle aufzählbar) Viel Spaß mit 2.1 Romanian: -Update pentru Metin2 Client Version 13.1 - Structura folderelor complet revizuita (prin urmare, vechile setari nu vor mai fi acceptate) -Auto EQ putin modificat.Mai concret : - Scaneaza toate shopurile pentru un singur sau mai multe iteme !- Scaneaza pentru itemele sub pretul xxx - Nu cumpara automat !I've been encountering the following error: "" The access to X-Trap patch server is unstable or X-Trap update wasn't able to run properly.


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