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What a person does for a living can say a lot about who they are. Is the work that she does life threatening or dangerous? It’s important to know where your date is now and where he or she is headed in the future so you can know if you want to go along for the ride. How many serious relationships has your date had in the past and why did they end? Does your date blame all of the failures of the past on the other person or does your date take some responsibility?Find out if the lifestyle required by his job meshes with your lifestyle. It is often advised not to bring up past relationships on a date with someone new. Past relationships shouldn’t be discussed on the very first date but before you get too emotionally invested you should learn about your date’s past. The things your date says about past relationships can give you insight into patterns he or she has in interpersonal relationships.

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Many singles make the mistake of spending each date discussing food, entertainment and the weather.

While it’s nice to have things in common with your partner, liking the same bands is not essential to having a successful relationship.

You should find out if you and your date are on the same page as to what you are looking for. Is he or she just looking to play the field or is your date ready to settle down?

If your date says that he is just looking for something casual or if she says she is just looking for new friends but doesn’t want a commitment believe these comments to be true.

Your date will probably treat you very similarly to how he or she treated past mates.

Make sure you gather some information about the past before you decide if you want a future. What are your date’s expectations for a future relationship?

Does your date believe a woman’s place is in the home? Does your date want to live a life of material abundance or does he prefer a life of simplicity? Does your date worship alone or with a congregation? Does he or she prefer to be with someone with similar religious beliefs? Does your date approve of other forms of contraception, if so what kinds? You should explore your date’s views on any other political issue that is particularly important to you. What are your date’s views on people with different lifestyles or ethnic backgrounds?

Are you willing to take the role as homemaker if things get serious? You should know if you and your date have similar values and world views before investing too much time in each other. What is your date’s religious background and current belief system? If you and your date clash on religious and spiritual issues it can cause discord throughout the entire relationship. What are your date’s views on the right to bear arms? If you and your date have wildly different opinions on race, class or sexuality it could cause conflict.

It’s best not to go into something trying to change someone’s mind about what he or she is looking for. Does your date believe that all men are cheaters or that all women are gold diggers? Does your date see the glass half full or half empty? Does she believe the world revolves around her wants and needs?


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