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Variation: Try to ring an entire large pumpkin with a hula hoop! Using a smallish to medium sized pumpkin, poke some holes where the eyes, nose and mouth would be (include hat and ears). Award the child that lands on the picture of a pumpkin---a small/miniature pumpkin! Spread out on paper towel on a cookie sheet and dry them over-night.

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And I sent him a Jelly Baby as a gift to his trailer with a little note telling him what he should be doing, and he sent it back with the head bitten off.

Twilight Sparkle has great command over her dragon.

On the signal, the racers use the stick to roll the pumpkins to the finish line.

Younger players may want to use their hands instead of the stick.

I'm a rastafarian, Targaryen, I got some dragons and they're very scary and Been here and there and then I've been everywhere again rastafarian, Targa...

This Tuesday October 31st is Halloween for us in the US but in South Korean entertainment it was the star wedding of the year with Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo tying the knot in Seoul at the Shilla Hotel.

Image source: Ingredients:4 tablespoons ground cinnamon and 4 teaspoons ground nutmeg4 teaspoons ground ginger3 teaspoons ground allspice In a small bowl, combine all ingredients and mix well. Starting with a lunch size paper bag-- crumble-up some paper and stuff the lunch bag. Tie the top with string leaving about 2 inches of space at top. Paint the bottom portion with orange tempera paint and the top brown (for the stem).

Copy a leaf pattern on green paper, felt or foam -- cut it out--glue or staple it to base of stem.

Use a nice heavy paper like poster board or card stock to glue the mosaics to Combine dry ingredients in a non-stick pan.

Add oil, water, food coloring and stir until smooth.

If your pumpkin starts to look as if it needs rehydration-- (wilting or caving in)-- fill a large container with cold water and 2 or 3 tablespoons of bleach.

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