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If you want to play this as teams, make it a relay race.Line up three large pumpkins with stems, to form a ring toss.When done, sprinkle with your choice of seasonings. Prepare the experiment by cutting two pie pumpkins in half.

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(About making alliances through marriage) Our trout has swum up so many rivers over the centuries and leapt onto so many plates that it's a wonder that half the realm's sigils don't have fins by now.

Gethin: I gave young Jack Gleeson a present once, and he sent it back, because on set I would write him little notes from Uncle Renly telling him to stop being a naughty boy.

Allow the dried seeds to soak in the colored water for 2 to 4 hours, then remove them from the water & allow them to dry over night.

You then have a colorful, natural, free, craft item. Some will dye a solid color & others will be speckled.

Cook and stir over medium heat until all lumps disappear.

Knead the dough on a floured surface until it's smooth. Dough will keep in a plastic bag for about a smells wonderful! Have a start line and turnaround line, 20 ft apart. – While the kids are out of the room - hide paper or small gourd pumpkins around the room. When they have found all pumpkins you can serve a special snack or give each child a ‘goodie’. Each player rolls (No tossing or throwing) their pumpkin and tries to be the closest to the big pumpkin.This is a simple race but since pumpkins are not smooth balls and refuse to roll in nice straight lines, you will need plenty of room! The racers, line up on the starting line with the pumpkins turned on their sides.Their wedding ceremony was clearly expensive but very lovely with traditional simplicity.The couple also released official pictures from the ceremony (above) and also a few pictures from their wedding photoshoot last month.Variation: Try to ring an entire large pumpkin with a hula hoop! Using a smallish to medium sized pumpkin, poke some holes where the eyes, nose and mouth would be (include hat and ears). Award the child that lands on the picture of a pumpkin---a small/miniature pumpkin! Spread out on paper towel on a cookie sheet and dry them over-night.


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