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Select a directory to save the driver in and click Save.

Locate the driver file using Windows Explorer when the download has completed.

We welcome especially those working with the Nine Doors of Midgard Program by Yrmin Drighten Edred Thorsson.

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The setup program will also automatically begin running after extraction.

However, automatically running setup can be unchecked at the time of extracting the driver file.

Einherjar Baldr is taken from the Prose Edda, together the words mean belonging to the Army of Baldr (the God of joy) In order to serve Baldr with honor we must first strive to know true joy, this comes from worshiping the gods of our ancestors, knowing who we are, where we came from, and equaly as importiant where we are going as a people. We are a small kindred, affiliated with the Riverwood Fellowship, and the Northlands Tribe.

To recapture the spirit of the Vikings in exploration, and to insure a secure future for future generations. We are trying to create a living spirituality by celebrating the Gods and Goddesses on a day to day basis. Individual members are affiliated with The Troth (I'm the Illinois Steward), the AFA, the AA, and the Odinic Rite.

Before starting the installation of drivers, connect your scanner Primax Colorado 9600 USB to your computer, and that the scanner is powered On. Remove any previus Primax Colorado 9600 USB driver from Windows control panel and reboot the system.

Windows now detects Primax Colorado 9600 USB and searchs for a driver: you must stop any request and hit on Cancel button.On the other hand we also celebrate the Asatru Blots and welcome Asatruar and Odians to participate.Moreover we are interested in educating folk and reviving our culture.Double click on or similar file located in c: Colorado 9600 USB folder Follow the on screen istructions If during installation in Windows, you will be prompted with a message warning that the driver software for Colorado 9600 USB has not passed Windows Logo testing.Select Continue Anyway and proceed with the installation.To fill our heads with knowledge and good judgement, to develope our bodies in health and proper care, and to fill our hearts with love, joy and deep compassion. We are a NON-racist kindred, focused on honoring the Holy Elder Kin, with a special empahsis on Ull R.


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