Dating a prs guitar

PRS guitar production relies on a carefully considered combination of automated processes and hand crafting in order to produce instruments of the highest quality. (formerly Gibson Guitar Corp.) is an American manufacturer of guitars, other musical instruments, and consumer and professional electronics now based in Nashville, Tennessee. Gibson invented archtop guitars by constructing the same type of carved, arched tops used on violins.We are also happy to stock a great range of PRS Guitar Amps, including the superb PRS Sonzera range.

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Just wondered if theres any experts on PRS that may be able to shed a bit of history on this guitar.

there was no case with the guitar but i have a few photos, thanks Rich Richard: Per the serial number prefix of "2" this could be either a 1992 or a 2002 PRS guitar.

Regards, kcbuck Hi thank you very much for your reply. not sure on model name but it maybe comparing to others a Custom 22?

Ive just taken some better photos attached, theres no bolt on neck, glued or through maybe, there are a couple of things that dont quite ring true. The PRS signature at the top some of it looks missing 2. i have determined that the date may well be 1992 however approximate dates on some websites state that 15001 to 17001 is 1993 however the serial number is clearly marked 2 15799 3. very sorry for the vagueness not an expert on electrics by any stretch of the imagination The guitar is near mint condition, but came without a case.

But in the Nineties, the company introduced a more affordable line of Korean-made PRS guitars, dubbed SE, that offer many of the features found on U.

We here at The Guitar Sanctuary have a long history with PRS guitars.its a red maple (i think) and from what ive read its from 1992 pre factory.Now this guitar is nice, but its really not my thing. I have been doing my research on PRS serial numbers pre factory etc but i am at a bit of a loss.I do collect guitars mostly acoustic, Taylor etc however i live in Qatar in the Middle east, and last saturday the local Rugby Club here raffles off guitars (please this is not a joke), i bought one raffle ticket which cost me around 8 dollars and won the guitar.I think from looking at others its a 1992 PRS custom 22, thanks Rich You will have to go to the PRS web-site and e-mail them the serial number via the "Contact Us" option and ask them.


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