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We are also happy to stock a great range of PRS Guitar Amps, including the superb PRS Sonzera range.

PRS Guitars had a humble beginning, built up from one man's ambition.

Regards, kcbuck Hi thank you very much for your reply. not sure on model name but it maybe comparing to others a Custom 22?

I think from looking at others its a 1992 PRS custom 22, thanks Rich You will have to go to the PRS web-site and e-mail them the serial number via the "Contact Us" option and ask them.

While your at it ask them for a specification sheet for your guitar too.

Unfortunately our database is somewhat limited in the information it provides for older models and I only have a few specs for your guitar.

It does appear to be a Custom 22 with a maple “10” top in a Black Cherry finish with Dragon pickups.

Just wondered if theres any experts on PRS that may be able to shed a bit of history on this guitar.

there was no case with the guitar but i have a few photos, thanks Rich Richard: Per the serial number prefix of "2" this could be either a 1992 or a 2002 PRS guitar.

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its a red maple (i think) and from what ive read its from 1992 pre factory.

Now this guitar is nice, but its really not my thing.

What makes a Korean PRS guitar different from a PRS guitar built in the United States? When you’re done, visit Phillip’s You Tube channel for more of his great and informative videos.


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