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You can inspect the patent to see what it has under the hood.The Snapshot device continuously streams your vehicle’s data to Progressive’s servers while driving.Surprisingly, vehicle velocity and acceleration don’t get flagged. But, as you rapidly decelerate, you would get dinged.

However, the idea of having access to my driving activity did pique my curiosity.

Once you’re in, you should finish up the “term” of the program otherwise your rates are subject to increase based on the short period of data they collected on you.

For my device, it has a quad-band GSM module (datasheet), which makes sense considering Progressive inked a deal with AT&T to provide data service for it.

On Progressive’s website, they disclose that they track vehicle speed, but not location data. It is no different from a cellphone that is connected through the AT&T network.

I was in a rush purchasing insurance for my 2014 Mustang so I could drive it off the dealer’s lot, so I didn’t fully research the Snapshot before clicking the inviting checkbox. I figured even with my driving behavior, a few percent off would be worth the experiment.

I was conflicted because then I was now assigning a price for my privacy – how much is it worth? After the first week of owning my Snapshot device, I grew to strongly dislike it.

Also, the terms and conditions of the Snapshot Discount program are nowhere to be found until you agree to them.

But, I’ll save you the time hunting for it on their site (since it’s not shown to non-customers).

Since I originally joined, they updated their suggestions for who benefits the most from the Snapshot program.

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