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"I think it's that Luka guy you've been looking for." Still under his covers, Green clicks on the link.

A man is laying face up tied spread eagle to a bed.

Boyle scrolled through the comments, which featured short posts from horrified and disgusted users hoping to ID a man who'd posted a video to the forum that apparently showed him killing kittens.

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It's five o'clock in the morning on May 26th, 2012, and John Green's i Phone is buzzing with an incoming Facebook message."Hey, you might want to see this video," it reads.

"He really did it."Green, referred to here by his online alias, logged onto the private Facebook group that he and a few other intrepid citizen sleuths had launched in an attempt to catch the man behind a video titled .

Posted a year and a half earlier, that video showed a figure in a dark green hoodie suffocating two tabby kittens using a vacuum and plastic bag.

He begins repeatedly thrusting the object in downward motion into the captive's abdomen. One hundred times the dark figure stabs the naked man."Holy shit!

" Green thought to himself, watching on his i Phone.Eighteen months earlier, on the evening of December 21st, 2010, Ryan Boyle had been surfing the web in his wood-paneled home office in Maryland.The Army veteran, who had made a civilian transition into working on aviation electronics for the Navy, was toggling between You Tube and the funny pictures thread on 4chan. "Clicking back and forth."As he was scrolling, he encountered a still image of a video called .The group, along with others online, had spent thousands of hours trying to track down a man, Luka Magnotta, who they believed was responsible for the video.They compiled pages of evidence, which they delivered to law enforcement — detailed photographic analysis, metadata pulled from numerous photographs, detailed locations of the suspected kitten killer's whereabouts.See her asshole, pussy and peehole get ruined and bloody.


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