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Physical chemistry can be so powerful that it overwhelms a person.So much so you don’t pay attention to the chemistry of the mind or spirit.This is why personal growth is so important in finding soulmates.

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If you each hold different ideals of a soulmate, that is enough to break two people apart from being a soulmate. A soul mate is a person who you connect to without even needing to speak.

A soulmate will help you grow even if it means losing you.

Most people do get by with lighter relationship connections. It requires all three chemistries to be strong and vibrant.

When people try to push a relationship to be deeper than the chemistry isn’t strong enough to support then relationship burns out.

You’ve probably heard this adage: the best relationships stem from friendship. You run to him when you’re in trouble When things aren’t going so well at work or in life, you know he’ll find a way to brighten your spirits.

For Mila Kunis, who is expecting a baby with fiancé Ashton Kutcher, it definitely worked out that way.

A strong physical chemistry will be enough to keep two people together for 2 to 7 years.

Longer lasting relationships also require spiritual (direction) and the mind (your stories) chemistries to be in sync also for two people. Nowhere are we taught in western culture what soulmate is 100%: Understand your definition may not fit your partner’s definition.

Since in reality, people try to force a person into a soulmate relationship before they know if they have a good sexual connection.

Once sex is added to the equation, at times, it falls apart.

Another common mistake is that people think relationship smoothness is a measure of a soulmate. Even soulmate relationships will have rocky points to overcome. So in addition to trusting your senses, you need must examine how the other person responds to your attention.


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