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This is MAKE SMTHNG Week, promoted by Greenpeace among others.This idea combines interest in reducing wasteful consumption and empowerment by Making, and ties it to countering the commercial maelstrom of the holiday shopping season.To my mind, “buy smthng local’ is more important that ‘make smthng yourself’.

These artisans rely on holiday sales are critical for their livelihood.

So, ‘making smthng’ instead of buying from local makers can be for your local makers, for your local economy, and for the whole planet.

It is quite telling that a technology that started with an antigovernment, outlaw, narrative is now being picked up by numerous nationalist factions, grafting their own stories and goals onto the same technology.

One of the earliest cases, and also one of the most interesting, is Mazacoin, the currency of the Lakota Nation.

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In short, they advocate, ‘instead of going shopping, make and do it ourselves.’ I certainly appreciate the value of reducing consumption, and, where it makes sense, reusing and sharing.

And I’m a long time advocate for Making and personal fabrication.

By the way, I do like their web page, which invites you to “Start creating…[drag the elements around]”.

That’s kind of cool, though utterly and totally useless and wasteful (because using the internet on a computer or mobile device is horribly, horribly resource intensive.) (File this under “Bah!

All that said, I certainly encourage people to learn about reuse, sharing, and recycling.


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