Need help with consolidating financial statements

This is usually not an option until the account is seriously delinquent or written off.If you choose to reinvest interest earned on your fixed-term savings account, you'll receive interest on the interest that capitalises in your account. You'll receive more total interest than you would have if you chose to transfer it out of your fixed-term savings account and into your transaction/savings account.It's easy, convenient and costs less than transferring money in a branch.

You can also use your card to shop online (securely with Master Card® Secure Code™ at participating merchants) and place telephone or mail orders.

Registered debt counsellors rearrange the loan repayments of clients who are overindebted, at a cost.

Skimmers can be small enough to be hidden in the palm of one's hand or they can be fixed to an ATM and disguised as a card reader.

Criminals will also need your card PIN to use this duplicate card.

Date that runs exactly on a month-to-month basis from the date that you open a fixed-term savings account. If you fix a flexible savings account (or open a fixed-term savings account) on 15 December for 6 months, the anniversary dates will be 15 January, 15 February, etc. Use it to list all your expenses for the month; then subtract this amount from your total income.

Your available balance is the amount of money you have left in your bank account after all deposits, withdrawals, interest and bank fees have been taken into consideration. This will show you if you have enough income to meet all your expenses.

Criminal act where your card’s magnetic stripe information is copied using a card-skimming device.

This info is then used to make a duplicate magstripe card.

Always consider approaching us first because you can save your money instead of incurring this cost.

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