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The songs “Thank You Too” and “Look at You” are the most unabashed celebrations of goodness by a rock band that I can think of.

Curtis was a musical Buddha, and we need to listen to his message of peace and acceptance now more than ever.

Curtis had a brilliant ability to showcase the ills of society and inequality, all in a way that was always asking for and demonstrating peace and equality.

The band’s management was generous enough to let us stream the triple-A single, “I’m Amazed,” so here it is.

And on March 25, I sat down with James and the rest of the group for an interview. [Reader, that’s what he said; your guess is as good as mine.] But also I feel like there’s some people who still are like us and still get excited about getting an album when a band says they can have an album. Over the last couple years it slowly came together.

Then you get that classic two-guitar assault, and then it goes back to a disco song.

Were you writing songs in different styles over a sequence of time and saying, “Let’s put them together toward the top? But the first three that feel kind of dancy, those weren’t written to be or intended to be together.

We really agonized over the sequence and tried to build a cool sequence that took you through a journey. We’re not trying to be old-fashioned for the sake of being old fashioned, cause we love the future.

I feel that the themes of the songs and some of the chord structures of certain songs all tie together. I love computers and technology as much as I love tape machines and dust and vinyl and stuff, you know.

Likewise, curiosity-seekers drawn in by one of the two lead singles (“I’m Amazed” on adult-album-alternative stations and “Touch Me I’m Going to Scream Part 2” on modern-rock channels) will find that the song that drew them in is the only one like it on the album.

When I talked to the band, I asked them about the dizzying diversity of the record, and they assured me that it all hangs together once you’ve listened to it enough times.

Listening to the album, it feels almost like three or four different EP’s put together.

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