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“You have to approach dating the same way you would a job: networking,” she said.I asked her what she looks for when she scans the room.

But, there is also a real-life person (in New York, that’s Swider) you can hire to go out into the world and meet people for you.

The company’s name is no mistake: It’s a play on the unwritten rule that you should wait three days before calling someone you like.

TDR is throwing that idea out the window, bridging the physical and digital dating worlds with its online and in-person services.

In a world where online dating is essentially free, dropping $5K for the service is expensive.

Swider vets potential matches that are worth your while — kind of like a personal shopper.

Talia Goldstein, founder of TDR, believes we’re caught in a kind of gray area where women are expected to take as much romantic initiative as men.Christy told Swider she wants a man who is “kind, curious, smart (not necessarily book smart), and socially responsible.” She’s been drawn to finance guys in the past, but knows it’s been a history of poor matches.“What I want to be drawn to isn’t what I’m actually drawn to,” she said, noting she’s had a history of picking guys who are bad for her.And, these events are a great way to find gainfully employed, passionate, driven people.Plus, it’s an environment where strangers are expected to approach one another for conversation and exchange information.Whether you’re looking for a serious partner, platonic companion, or someone just to date, our Elite Matchmakers work with men with different goals and search for their perfect partner.


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  4. Not only does the creation of a personalized profile allow a chance to be upfront about the importance of God in one’s life, dating sites create a space where religious singles can actively seek someone who has similar priorities. That’s because the road to love – real, lasting love – can be long way to walk.

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