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In Metropolis, Clark meets Chloe at the Planet, and she explains that her Teamsters went on strike, and the thousands of presents they collected for Toys for Tots will be undelivered unless he helps her out. While zipping through the city, he sees a man dressed in a Santa Claus costume about to jump off a building with a liquor bottle in his hand.

Despite this, Lionel transfers Lex to the Davis Clinic in Metropolis for immediate but extremely risky surgery.

In the alternate reality, Lex and Lana Luthor go to the party at the Kents’ house. He says that Lex is the best man he knows and announces that Lex will receive the Kansas Humanitarian Award. He marvels that he’s never been happier and she tells him that he could have this happiness in reality if he makes the right choice. Lex tells her that he doesn’t want this alternate reality because everyone he’s ever loved has died.

Clark objects and tells him about how he gave up his first Christmas with Lana to help Chloe deliver toys.

When Santa falls off, Clark saves him and sends him on his way. Scanlan explains to Lionel that Lex will most likely be paralyzed from the chest down because he is too unstable for surgery or transfer.

Clark gets an urgent call from Chloe, who is still at the Planet . Clark is now a full-fledged reporter at the Daily Planet and Chloe is publishing a book next month exposing Luthor Corp with Lex’s help.

The scene shifts to Lex being transported to the hospital as the doctors try to save his life. Lana says that it has been seven years since Lionel cut Lex out of the family fortune. In reality, Lionel is speaking with the doctors at the Hospital and demands to speak to the doctor in charge in order to push a risky surgery.Back at the Kents’ party, Chloe tells Clark about the presents disappearing and says she thinks that he may have possibly been Santa Claus.Clark and Lana spend their first Christmas together as it snows. He is upset with Lionel for ordering surgery with very low odds of survival, asking him, “How dare you play God with my life?Lois Lane and Grant Gabriel are kissing in a storage closet in the Daily Planet.She tells him that she doesn’t want to write the Lex Luthor exposé since it might raise eyebrows about her relationship with Grant. Meanwhile, Chloe Sullivan is trying to call Clark Kent, who has been missing for two weeks.Chloe has been covering for him in his absence, explaining that he is in Minnesota, but she is starting to get worried.


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