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I admit freely that I’m one of those people that is addicted to my boyfriend.

He and I love spending time together, whether it’s phone conversations or face-to-face interaction.

Although I have never been one who has had a massive number of friends, I know who the true ones are. He knows me so well that he can tell if there is something wrong within seconds.

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Even though my boyfriend and I don’t live together yet, we know each other well enough to know each other’s weaknesses and strengths and how to better each other, together. He can get me to calm down even when I feel like I could explode. He lets me cry in his arms and even tells me to cry, to let my emotions out. Everything will be okay.” He reminds me that he and God are both there for me, that God knows what’s best for both of us and that I’m loved by the King of Kings. He knows the good, the bad, the ugly and everything in between.

Some other reasons my boyfriend is my best friend are: He is always there for me. He also reminds me that I have to stay calm through hard times, otherwise, I won’t be able to think straight. He carries himself as though nothing weighs him down, despite the things he may have on his mind. These are just some of the reasons why my boyfriend is my best friend and how I became addicted to him.

Even if he doesn’t answer his phone all the time, I know without a doubt, I can call him anytime, anywhere. I feed off of his positive outlook about life and so do his coworkers and friends. You can also find that someone who sets your heart on fire just by smiling at you or by the touch of their hand on your shoulder.

You can find someone who makes you happy and brings you peace.

Who wouldn’t want to be best friends with their boyfriend?

After all, it’s easier to be best friends first and then turn into lovers.

I found out he's been continuing to write to other women on the dating sites three months into our relationship.

I let it go forcing it out of my mind telling myself he was "with me".

We met on line in February and hit it off right away.


  1. More recent shows such as "Best Friend's Date(2004-05" and the most famous "Blind Date(1999-2006)" have taken it one step further by sending a camera crew along to capture the highs and lows - the ins and outs of the couple's date.

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