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What that reality turns out to be is something akin to one of the time centric French minimalists like Chantal Akerman and Jacques Rivette.

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Shield is used alongside the Amblin logo, also in black-and-white.

See more » For some bizarre reason, marketers opted to make Clint Eastwood's latest work look like a rejected script to an M. What with its catastrophic events and plot centric imagery, you'd think Eastwood had made a disaster movie rather than what the reality turns out to be.

Several biographies describe how Clint Eastwood was stranded offshore in the ocean several days after his Navy training plane crashed.

The experience is probably what helped him film the tsunami scene in Hereafter.

See more » : You know, as a scientist and atheist my mind was closed to such things. Afterlife, near-death experiences Like everyone else, I thought people saw bright lights, Eden-like gardens and so forth because they were culturally conditioned to do so.

But after 25 years in a hospice working with people, many of whom were pronounced dead but then miraculously survived.None of this is the kind of post-Elia Kazan acting our country is used to, but each of the actors do a remarkable job in communicating in this way.Damon gives the finest performance of his career, and each of the supporting cast is remarkable as well in the way they REACT, rather than act.A jarring change for the star of Gran Torino, perhaps, but one which works for the material.And that, I think, is why such mixed reactions come out of those who view this film.There's also a generous use of exteriors, with the running theme of loneliness in crowded locations which anybody whose experienced such trauma (or even lesser traumas) can relate to.

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