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(The spirit of Bowie is a unicorn in itself.) Some even take the theme to new heights with horn-shaped handles.And if unicorn beauty can bring a touch of the mystical to getting ready in the a.m. Ahead, the most fantastical, magical beauty products to make your beauty look, bathroom, and life sparkle.

The possibilities are basically endless, which is good, but also overwhelming at times. We have all of those answers and more, because I combed through lots of DIY unicorn costume photos to find the best ones out there.

Wear them with all white and a horn headband and some makeup, and you're authentic AF.

It was never really a title I thought I’d be interested in trying out, but after years of singledom I found myself more sexually curious than I’d been before.

It’s not like I was questioning my sexual identity, but I was deeply interested in exploring its nuances.

What makes them even more perfect for a costume is that they literally are not real, meaning you can define them however you want. Your best bet is to use colorful, rainbow extensions, which are just more fun.

Whether that's true or not, I can't say, but I do know that I have spent a tremendous amount of time looking up Halloween costumes on Pinterest and this one almost always pops up, even when I search "vagina costumes," which obviously is a thing I searched. This photo is popular for a reason: it is gorgeous.

Add a horn headband and some pretty makeup, and you've got the easiest costume ever! Source I'm going to be honest, that very realistic tale is creeping me out, but the rest of this look is very cool. Simply pull it into a ponytail with a twist on top, curl it, and pin it so that it stays down the middle of your head and down your back.

Source Another super simple way to be a unicorn is to wear a white dress and a horn headband, plus some glittery makeup. A white leotard with white tights and a white horn makes a perfect costume. You can add some glitter, some colorful extensions, and of course, a horn headband.

I recently read somewhere (I can't remember where) that this picture was the most repinned Halloween costume on Pinterest.

It leads to so many questions: what should you wear as a unicorn? These magically unique unicorn costumes are too good to resist, so get ready to pick your favorite and copy it!

I was hoping to be their unicorn.“Unicorn” describes a person who joins a couple as their third partner, for sex or even for something more committed.


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