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Atlanta: During the segment of the show in which we do relationship counseling, a webcam model (who fucked herself for straight guys’ credit-card numbers) came on and said her problem was that her boyfriend was too controlling.

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In an attempt to ease a few of the more challenging, painfully pedestrian aspects of vacationing with a partner, we’ve collected tips from two comedians who not only travel for a living, but often do so as a unit.

Natasha Leggero, the co-creator of Comedy Central’s special, have been traveling and touring as a duo since early in their dating life.

You have to figure out a way to let your desires harmonize.

And also, on a comedy tour, you have to figure out which person in the couple kills. : So Moshe pulls that out and I’ll continue to ask him a million questions while he’s doing it.

Throw one on and suddenly you’re listening to Ira Glass’s whimsical observations about the human condition.

You don’t need space anymore because Ira’s giving it to you.

And I was like, “They’re basically the same size.” And the guy just turned to me and spoke in English, “Look, man, I like video games, too, but I cannot do it.” He wanted me to know that he empathized, but that he, too, felt hopeless in what is a crushing tidal current of the current realpolitik.

Just as I am a cog in the great political waterwheel, he too is a cog in the great political waterwheel.

Tip: Learn something from every place you visit Kasher and Leggero kept a diary about every show on this year’s Endless Honeymoon Tour, and the following are things they learned in each city.

New Orleans: Never have your father get in touch with distant family members in rural Louisiana through ancestry.com, and have them sit in the front row at a show.

Theoretically, the romantic summer getaway means lazy days spent alongside bodies of water, drinking mai tais and indulging carnal appetites with the vigor of juvenile rabbits.


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