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God has a miraculous way of brining things together exactly as they should, in perfect time.

We’re sure you are familiar with reality shows like “Hollywood Divas” (on TV One! Of course, being that I was born a black female — I am mainly familiar with the challenges that we face. Some days I feel like I have super powers, and on the same token, I have days where I feel like I cant hold it together. Jumping over to your role on “Family Time” how would you compare your role as “Lisa Stallworth” to one of the most influential black mothers on television, “Clair Huxtable”?

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Her status of single has totally taken the question of her being married out of the picture.

She is still waiting for the man of her dreams to add to her family.

However, Angell Conwell runs a little different story as being a woman; she had her mother behind her success.

Talented agent/manager, Sheila Legette was always in support of everything Angell needs.

If you were stranded in the middle of the wilderness alone with no phone service, a car, Wifi, or lip gloss, what would you need to survive? I would definitely need to figure out a way to locate some water.

It is believed that behind every successful man there is a woman.

She had played a significant role in the movies like “Baby Boy” and “The Wash.” Among her works, her best-known roles are Leslie in the TV soap opera, “The Young and the Restless” and movie, “Baby Boy.” Her most acclaimed work in “Baby Boy” was honored with a special mention at the Locarno International Film Festival in 2001.

Her career got escalated from her work in the movie.

Omar Gooding became the boyfriend of Conwell for four years and six months finally before breaking off their relationship.

Angell couldn’t manage to have Omar as her husband and has stayed single throughout the years after the split.

South Carolina native and seasoned actress Angell Conwell, chats it up with SFPL! Of course, I have a vision, and plan but sometimes life takes us in a better direction than we could have planned.

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