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Cameron was ordered to stay away from Mooney, and was charged with stealing from two other women before skipping town.

Cameron has been convicted in at least four cities in Ontario — London, Kingston, North Bay and Oshawa — and has gone on the lam on at least five occasions.

There are currently warrants for his arrest in Campbell River and Kelowna in B.

When told court documents from across Canada suggested otherwise, he declined to answer and changed the subject. John's women who said they went on dates with Cameron through Plenty of Fish. While making Cameron's name known is her goal, Mac Innis worries what he will do when he is under pressure.

Mac Innis says she believes Cameron was planning his exit and arranging dates before he even landed in St. "As well as being wonderfully kind and generous with his time, he was equally vicious and vindictive when it struck him," she said.

He contacted Mac Innis and offered to return the camera, but she told him to keep it. It matches the 10-digit number on the camera in Basu's possession.

On the left, a camera purchased by an international student in St.

"When he had opportunity, when they would go to the bathroom or something, he would go into the purse and write down the credit card number." Mooney filed a criminal complaint against Cameron, alleging he used her debit card without permission and repaid her with a stolen credit card.

She identified the man who rented her room as the same Donald Cameron in the Crime Stoppers photo from Kelowna, as well as the profile picture he used on Facebook when selling a camera to Basu.

In Oshawa, he stole a vehicle from a woman and damaged her house, and defrauded another woman out of a vehicle.

He was convicted and sentenced to four months in jail.

"I Googled him and nothing came up," Mac Innis said. She felt he didn't respect her children and wanted them out of the house.

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