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Watch the video above and below­ to see the Food […] Leslie Jones is back at it!The Saturday Night Live star, 50, began hilariously live-tweeting as the 2018 Winter Olympics kicked off in Pyeong Chang, South Korea, on Thursday, February 8.

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She tries to console him but he’s not too thrilled telling her not to sugar coat things, and this isn’t gonna end well because nothing good ever does. Ashley said she followed her heart instead of her head.

She thinks Ben is more like her since they have similar personalities and are closer in age…but that JP always had her heart.

For all your episode-by-episode spoilers of Ashleys season, either click on the “Bachelorette Ashley Spoilers” link at the top of the page, or click here. JP tells Ashley what her sister said that’s what leads to their conversation of her calling her a bitch.

Also, your episode-by-episode spoilers for “Bachelor Pad 2” are now also in a link at the top of the page, or or click here. -JP meets Ashley’s family first, and like I said yesterday, her sister Chrystie has a hard time seeing him with her sister. JP none too happy that Ashley’s sister attacked him the way she did and was being so judgmental.

However, I feel like I can only handle this show one season at a time,” Mc Laughlin wrote in a blog post on […] The way to someone’s heart is through their stomach!

Celebrity chef Anne Burrell invited Us Weekly into her adorable Brooklyn restaurant ­– Phil and Anne’s Good Time Lounge ­– to show Us not one, but two Valentine’s Day dinners that will win over your sweetheart.

Says she didn’t want him to take anything personal but that she was just being a protective older sister. -Ashley still has to finish up dental school but says she’s moving to NYC next month, looking for work, and they are getting a place together.

-ABC gives the new couple another trip to Fiji on their dime as their gift. Whatever the case, JP and Ashley get another free trip to Fiji. So I’m curious how many people are still doubting what I told them was going to happen back on June 1st?

And Bill Hader played one of his brothers, who teased him - and licked the inside of his ear, while Paul Rudd played another sibling, who graphically French kissed their grandmother as boyfriend Matt looked on in horror.

A nurse played by Maya Rudolph rushed to her aid - kissing her on the lips and pumping and punching her breasts in a bid to revive her before getting the family to pass air between their lips, ending with Rudolph and Wigg having a huge kiss.

“The decision to film and sign on for season 13, like my husband and I were talking a lot and so we included our kids in the conversation and we did a family vote and I was […] Ready for Pyeong Chang!


  1. Patricia’s quirky habit made for sports talk fodder at Barstool Sports "I have no idea why he does it,” said former RPI offensive line coach Ray Moran.

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