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He plays the character Team Leader Sergeant Buck Spivey. News, which was first with a report of the romance, the Oscar winner and Shookus are "in the early stages" of their relationship.They met up in London for work and reportedly attended Sam Mendes' play "Ferryman" last week. T." is very plugged into the current moment, according to its cast and creators.

Finally a much-needed reason is given for Wilkins' cruel treatment of Reid inside, though it doesn't stop one from still hating the character and you are left thinking he treated Reid like that for that reason?

In summary, not a cracker as one would like from a season finale but one of the better faring episodes of Season 12 and a very good episode on the whole.

As hoped, the team interaction is brilliant with everybody having plenty to do, a great job is done showing concern for Reid (as does the viewer) and solving the case.

The script is thought-provoking and some of the best and most taut writing of the season, while the story is gripping with things that you don't see coming and even more of a nail-biter than the previous episode "Green Light".

It's been a robust 10 days since the former Goldman Sachs investment banker, affectionately known as "the Mooch," started his new job as White House communications director. In a recent interview with the New York Times, MTV President Chris Mc Carthy said the network's iconic Moonman trophy has been discontinued.

From now on, the metallic figurine — whose impenetrably opaque helmet has become the unofficial "face" of MTV's Video Music Awards — will go by "Moon Person" instead.Their chemistry and Cat's mind-games are easily what makes "Red Light" as good as it is and a very fond reminder as to why the previous season's "Entropy" was one of the best ' Criminal Minds' episodes in years.One of "Red Light's" highlight scenes is the dating fantasy.On Sunday’s “Last Week Tonight,” John Oliver noted that Jones’ status as a Sandy Hook "truther" qualified him for an Easy Pass to “hell’s version of the champagne room.” But he spent most of his time on a relatively overlooked aspect of Jones’ conspiracy empire -- the wide range of products that he sells in order to fund it.According to Oliver, Jones spends nearly a quarter of his airtime plugging Info Wars-branded merchandise, including Wake Up America Patriot coffee to Combat One Tactical Bath Wipes and a powder called Caveman True Paleo (made from “chocolate and domesticated bird corpses,” Oliver joked).Although some may disagree, to me, Season 12 has been patchy and inconsistent but turned out better than expected.

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