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This title made him the anly British male tae acome a Grand Slam singles champion durin the Open Era.On 7 Julie 2013, Murray won the 2013 Wimbledon Championships, acomin the first British player tae win a Wimbledon senior singles title syne Virginia Wade in 1977, an the first British man tae win the Men's Singles Championship syne Fred Perry, 77 years previously.At Rome an Cincinnati, Murray exited in the first roond whilst goin oot in the seicont in Canadae. Murray then made his first Grand Slam quarter final at Wimbledon afore makin his first final at the US Open.

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Rusedski beat Murray in the first match, but Murray won the seicont. The British No 1 sustained tendon damage durin his first roond match at the German Open in Hamburg.

Murray wis up 5–1 when he hit a forehaund frae the back o the court an snapped the tendons in his wrist, leavin him oot o action frae 15 Mey until 7 August, tharebi missin Wimbledon. At the Masters tournaments, Murray reached the semifinals o Indian Wells an Miami.

Murray is the anly man in history tae hae won Olympic Gowd an the US Open in the same calendar year, as well as the third man tae haud the Gowd Medal an twa majors on different surfaces (efter Andre Agassi an Rafael Nadal).

Subsequent tae his success at the Olympics an Wimbledon, Murray wis voted the 2013 BBC Sports Personality of the Year.

Murray an aa featurt in Great Britain's Davis Cup winnin team in 2015, winnin 11 matches (8 singles an 3 doubles) as thay secured thair first Davis Cup title syne 1936.

Murray wis voted the 2015 BBC Sports Personality of the Year, while the Davis Cup team won the 2015 BBC Sports Personality Team of the Year Award.

On the American haurd court swin Murray made the semi finals o Toronto afore winnin his first Masters shield in Cincinnati.

He added anither shield tae his collection in Madrid; but won a week later in Miami ower Novak Djokovic for anither masters title.

In 2011, Murray became anly the seivent player in the Open Era tae reach the semifinals o all fower Grand Slam tournaments in ane year.

Durin the 2015 saison, he became the fift man in tennis history tae hae won ower million in career prize money.

Murray wis born wi a bipartite patella, whaur the kneecap remains as twa separate bones instead o fusin thegither in early childhood, Murray says he wis too young tae understand what wis happenin an is reluctant tae talk aboot it in interviews, but in his autobiography Hitting Back he states that he attended a youth group run bi Hamilton, an that his mither gae Hamilton lifts in her car.


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