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In a contested divorce, although during the court proceeding the judge may have ordered that the parties are divorced verbally, until the attorneys have submitted the judgment to the court for signature and it has been signed, you are not yet divorced. In a matrimonial action, when do I file a motion and when do I file an order to show cause?

All post judgment requests (matters submitted to the court after the judgment of divorce has been signed) must be submitted by order to show cause.

The public service counter for both attorneys and self-represented litigants is open from AM to PM each day the court is in session. For more information visit the court’s Divorce Resources page and the Kings Supreme Court Matrimonialpage.

Check-lists, procedural rules, including the judges' motion days, and forms are distributed at the counter to ensure that papers are submitted in proper form. Is someone else able to pick up or drop-off my divorce papers? I cannot find my spouse, can I still file for divorce? I want to file for a divorce, but I cannot afford to pay the filing fees, I am not working at this time, what can I do? The filing fees include 0.00 for the index number and 5.00 for the note of issue.

Requests for relief while the case is still going on can be done by notice of motion, but the return date, unless ordered otherwise by the court, must be only on the judge's motion dates.

There is a .00 motion fee for all motions and orders to show cause. What do I do if my spouse is not complying with the divorce judgment order?

If you are having someone else pick up your papers, you must provide them with a notarized letter authorizing the County Clerk or Supreme Court to allow them to view your file and/or copy papers in the file, including the judgment of divorce. I cannot find my spouse, can I still file for divorce?

Personal service of the initial divorce papers (summons with notice or summons and complaint) is required by statute.

Once reviewed by the matrimonial office, the matter is calendared for a court appearance, or forwarded to the assigned justice for signature, depending on the relief requested.

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