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Really, being with someone who talks but fails to act, is like calling up one of those chat lines over and over again. ” they ask, barely disguising their boredom while cutting their toenails.“Tell me about the type of relationship we’re going to have, the things you would do, where you would take me and then tell me all the excuses for why you won’t do any of those things and then reel me in again with some more Future Faking…” I know I’ve said this many times but if actions and words don’t match, you’ve got problems. When someone is a person of integrity, they act like they’re in a relationship and talk they’re in a relationship because they think like they’re in a relationship.This is basically not seeing the wood for the trees because you’ll be telling yourself that action speaks louder than words, as if having the hallmarks of a relationship without the landmarks of one, trumps someone essentially disrespecting you and your relationship.

2gether sex dating-2 intelligent couple without any moaning sounds...... Animation could be a lot better....dangling boobs..pulsating penis.....

1: fail by the security System 2: slip from her gasp, when the mood is not high enough 3: don`t answer the radio 4: too less mood after licking scene 5: come in her mouth 6: check tools at beginning, come in her 2. Is this because I`m using a macbook with a trackpad?

Appreciate your efforts though as it`s easy sitting on this end and commenting without understanding why and how the designers work. Where Audra takes off her clothes and lies down topless to make him `trust her` and the hand appears, I have no idea what to do with the hand because nothing on the screen responds, even though I tried pressing everywhere.

The story was excellent and the models great, However there is some minor issues in some of the sex scenes with body parts not in the correct position. i donno why LOP games has started to begin so short.there was no story in it.i prefer more climax and multiple girls like the Dirty Picture or Passion One. Sadly it seems there wont be anymore games of similar qualities. 1) graphics in the scene of Audra 2nd time masturbating his cock is wrong (hand out of position, moving wrong direction) 2) feather interactivity lacks some smoothness and a "pleasuremeter" 3) animation in 1st fuck scene (standing) needs some smoothness too good graphics as usual, but as the previous games, sometimes too much text to read, the mini-games are more of a hassle than fun, doing nothing there, for someone that played almost all lop games, this one has the feel of more of the same. Has a real harsh, passionate sexual angle which is the games U. To empower the gamer or make the gamer feel that passion is an applausable effort. Keep it coming and please take this whole gaming genre to another dimension. Love you guys and thank you for all your hardwork to put a smile on the faces of all the gamers on this site (For Free). I feel that the designers can really kick ass if they wanted too. answer at the end (handcuffs) Hi guys, I`m stuck at a really frustrating place.

Okay game, very sexy, but it seems more like you`re just clicking through the dialouge and not doing anything. So nice night we are having -At least you are not bored anymore.

And it`s contradictory with how she gets mad at first about you saying how she came unarmed, then it turns her on later on Why there was no sound? -So what`s a special forces like you doing in a place like this? People whose actions and words don’t match have a disconnect with their thinking which is reflected in their actions and words, which also causes them to not live congruently with values they profess to have and desires, needs, and expectations they claim.The disconnect means they undermine what they say and do.“This isn’t a relationship so whatever you’re reading into things, it doesn’t hold the same meaning for me.I don’t feel the same way.” It’s time to ask yourself what the hell you’re doing with someone who will shag you, get an ego stroke, play house etc but then say things that completely contradict that? ” That’s like thinking they’re a bit thick and need some hand holding in the relationship department. Very well done, I have been waiting a while for something new to come out. It feels as if we are in control of building and moulding the relationship as we wish.

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